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Hosted event: EUNIC Panel Debate ''Identities and Communities''

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English, French

The House of European History will host the new EUNIC Brussels conference cycle questioning the future of Europe:  “For a New European Social Contract”. The second panel discussion on the theme of “Identities & Communities” will take place on December 5th, 2018 at 6pm.

“Unity in diversity” may be the EU’s motto but its translation into reality is not easy. In the last two decades, the concept of multiculturalism has come under attack in political and academic discourse for destabilizing national identity. Also, the attempt to build a “European Community” is perceived by many as a threat to the “national community” or to the nation-state.

Identity is becoming more complicated and multifaceted and nowadays, with greater mobility and the internet, communities are transcending national borders.

Why is multiculturalism often no longer perceived as enriching our societies? Is there a distinct role for both the State and civil society? What are the mechanisms to achieve that?
Also, the EU has created a community based on laws and values. Is it realistic or desirable to go beyond this legal sphere and strengthen cultural bonds between countries?

Free event in original languages with English interpretation. Register at: