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Hosted event: Film screening - The Red Soul

24 Apr 2018 (18:30 - 21:00)
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At the end of the 1980s, 8% per cent of Russians considered Stalin a great man and hero. Surveys today put this figure at 52 per cent. What do modern-day Russians admire about the Stalin era and what do they not want to know about it? 

The House of European History will host the screening of the documentary film "The Red Soul", as part of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, organised by People in Need. The Red Soul, directed by Jessica Gorter, shows how the Soviet past lives on in current generations in Russia. The screening is free of charge and the registration opens on 9 April:

Find more information on the festival’s website:

The screening will be followed by a discussion with:

  • Stanislav Dmitrievskiy, human rights defender from Nizhny Novgorod
  • Lilya Gemedzhy, human rights lawyer from Crimea.
  • Joanna Urbanek, curator, House of European History

Jessica Gorter / Netherlands / 2017 / 90 min.