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Take part in the events our museum organises on a regular basis and experience history as an endless source of debate, encounters and inspiration.

Every year we take part in city-wide museum events organised notably by the Brussels Museums Council, and contribute to events of the European Parliament and the EU institutions, which are open to a general audience. Also look out for our annual series of history debates and tailored public programmes around our temporary exhibitions. We collaborate with a wide range of partners in the fields of history, heritage and culture to widen and enrich our events offer.

Discover the type of events we offer, and follow the link below to check what is coming up:

  • Thematic visits, Meet the curator, Carte blanche tours – the House team and experts give insights into the workings of the museum and its special remit on European history, exploring multiple perspectives and experiences from previous generations.
  • Conferences, debates, study courses - Guest speakers and ordinary citizens explore the history of Europe and the way it is presented in the permanent and temporary exhibitions, highlighting the connections with present times.
  • Creative studios, artistic performances, film screenings - Creative practitioners are invited to explore the intersection of history and art, proposing unusual ways to engage with the museum contents.