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Europe Day – History of democracy tours & dance performance

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Adults, Young adults, Families
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To mark the museum’s fifth anniversary and the Open Day of the European Institutions, the House of European History invites you to take part in a series of activities on the topic of Europe. Thematic guided tours on democracy, sharing of testimonies from young Europeans, artistic performances and panel discussions in the light of the Conference on the future of Europe will animate the museum throughout the weekend. 


Saturday, 7th of May

Thematic guided tours

Is democracy a fixed part of our heritage or something that is always evolving? From an Athenian 5th-century-BCE ballot selecting Themistocles for exile, to campaign material for the Polish semi-free elections organised in June 1989 by Solidarność, ancient and recent objects from our exhibition reveal the struggles of European people to gain and regain their right to political self-determination. 

45 minutes.

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  • 11.00  EN/ FR
  • 12.00  NL
  • 14.00 EN / DE
  • 15.00 FR / NL
  • 16.00 EN / DE
  • 17.00 FR / NL

"My name is Europe" performance

Danced musical tale

Fables Room. Starting at 14.00 and at 16.00

"My name is Europe" is a storytelling performance.

A danced story.

A choreographic concert.

An allegory letting the melodies get tangled and mixed with the body and the words.

"My name is Europe" is a sweet moment, an intimate and poetic vision of a myth that has become geopolitical, economic, institutional and concrete.

It is the union of dance and music evoking the union of peoples.

"Je m'appelle Europe" is a duet between the dancer-choreographer, Emilie Camacho, and the concert pianist, Célia Onéto BensaÏd.

These two artists unite to give flesh, voice and sound to a complex, rich and fertile tale, which continues to be written while the piano keys are being touched, while the body is dancing.

"I am called Europe" is the tale that these two women will deliver to us stories, of seduction, love, wars, dreams and peace.