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Heritage Day at the House of European History

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Our Events
Children age 6-12, Families
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Dutch, English, French
  • Age: 7-12 years.
  • Admission is free and activities are free.
  • Activities run from 13:00-18:00. Drop-in activity - no reservation required.

Education is familiar to everyone. You might remember your own school experience in detail? Maybe you even still have some school pictures at home with that beautiful smile of yours!

In order to bring back all those memories, and to share them with each other, we are organising activities in the museum.

Scrawls or graceful letters? Learn the basics of calligraphy with the help of a real calligrapher!

How does the big world enter our daily lives? How did this happen in the past? Come and find out in the House of European History! From stereoscope to virtual reality, test the techniques of the past and present.

We like languages! So much so that the museum has 24 different names in 24 different languages. Learn how to greet friends from all over Europe in their own language.

Bring a class photo of yourself and hang it among the class photos in our collection. Adults can also bring in a class photo of themselves when they were in primary school. Have things changed much?

And from Monday 25 April to Friday 29 April, the team of the House of European History would like to go out of the museum and visit schools in Brussels to give a guest lesson on this theme. Interested? Then get in touch via Erfgoedklassebak.