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Lunch Tours 2022

11 Oct 2022 (12:15 - 13:00)
18 Oct 2022 (12:15 - 13:00)
25 Oct 2022 (12:15 - 13:00)
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Adults, Young adults
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September   "Colours of the autumn"

Autumn is around the corner! Therefore, join us for a colourful journey in the museum. Choose to follow a red, green, brown or yellow path this month. Each colour gives a different insight in the museum.

6 September    Red: Discover different objects in the museum that relate to the colour red. And yes do wear something red!

13 September    Green: Discover different objects in the museum that relate to the colour green. And yes do wear something green!

20 September    Brown: Discover different objects in the museum that relate to the colour brown. And yes do wear something brown!

27 September    Yellow: Discover different objects in the museum that relate to the colour yellow. And yes do wear something yellow!

October    "Ideas, Concepts and Values"

Even though many of our objects on display may seem like insignificant pieces of clothing, trinkets or other long-forgotten personal belongings, they all form part of a wider story of grand ideas, concepts and values. On this month's tours we venture beyond these objects to discuss the bigger picture.

4 October    Silence; In a world of constant noise, we seek out stories about silence in the quiet corners of the exhibition ... Shhh!

11 October    Time; Take a sweeping journey through the past to reappraise your notion of clocks, calendars and indeed time itself. Departure at 12.15 sharp!

18 October    Memory and Oblivion; Is oblivion a necessity or is memory our only way forward? Come and join us for a discussion of what to do with the past.

25 October    Violence; Segueing into next month's topic, we investigate the role of violence in modern European history and how it relates to power and oppression.

November    "Power"

The power to produce. The power to heal. Power to the people. Take a break from your daily routine and power up with lunch tours on the varied nature of power.

1 November    Museum closed.

8 November    Natural and Human Resources; Energy and labour, from slavery to unemployment. We discuss the development of power and automation and its significance for Europeans and their world.

15 November    It’s Garbage!; We have a look at all the many things we discard. What is trash or rubbish, how does it affect our world, and where do we find it in the museum?

22 November        A Healthy Dose; Not feeling up to par? Doctor's orders: a tour of the history of healthcare and medicine in Europe, from Eastman to socialised medicine.

29 November        Justice; What is justice to you? Did Europeans of the past share your values or hold vastly different beliefs? Let the proceedings begin.

December    "Darkness and the Light"

We are looking back this month on the past year. What kind of year was it? Positive? Negative? Come and discuss with us.

6 December    Dark Times; On this lunch tour we examine some of the worst events that Europeans lived through during the 20th century.

13 December    Lighter Times; We celebrate Human Rights Day and the progress made in protecting the rights of women, children and minorities.

20 December    Looking back on 2022; We take a nuanced look at what happened in 2022 from a European perspective. Was it a year of progress? We dive into the history and background of current events in Europe.

27 December    Museum closed