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7 Feb 2023 (12:15 - 13:00)
14 Feb 2023 (12:15 - 13:00)
21 Feb 2023 (12:15 - 13:00)
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JANUARY 2023 -  "New Year’s Resolutions"

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2023? Delve into some of the most common resolutions and learn about some related topics in our exhibition.

3 January                       To save money!

Croatia, the youngest member of the European Union just adopted the Euro as its currency! Time to look at our savings, our spending habits and review our balance sheet!

10 January                     To travel more!

Let’s go! Exploring, experiencing and having fun - let’s find out how Europeans have spent their holidays throughout history.

17 January                     To lead a healthier lifestyle!

Today is officially ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day’. But that shouldn’t stop you from adopting a healthier lifestyle this year. Run to the museum for a tour about health in Europe’s past!

24 January                     To learn something new!

It’s the International Day of Education and there’s always something new to learn at the museum! Join today’s tour to hear more about education throughout European history.

31 January                     To spend more time with family and friends!

We create history with our loved ones all the time, but how do we keep those memories alive? How do we remember good times and commemorate the hard times? Join us to learn more about the perception of memory.


Love makes the world go round! The House of European History houses many lovely objects and stories. Come discover them and fall in love with history. 

7 February                     Send a Card to a Friend Day.

When was the last time you sent a postcard to a friend? Come along and discover an interesting story to share from our collection, because today it’s ‘Send a card to a friend day’!

14 February                   Valentine’s Day.

The museum is the perfect place for a romantic date! Surprise your Valentine with a tour and discover the many loving stories in our collection!

21 February                  Do you love your language?

I love You, Je t’aime, Ich liebe dich, Rakastan sinua, Σ' αγαπώ, ... come and share your love for your mother tongue on the ‘International Mother Language Day’!

28 February                  We Love Ukraine!   

It’s almost one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Come along to learn about the history of Ukraine during this special lunch tour - dedicated to our Ukrainian friends

MARCH                           Throwaway

Come and see our brand new temporary exhibition: ‘Throwaway’. Meet the team behind the scenes and explore the topics of waste throughout European history- It will not be a waste of time!

7 March                          Meet the curator.

Explore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our curators questions about how the exhibition was set up

14 March                       Meet the curator.

Explore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our curators questions about how the exhibition was set up

21 March                       Meet the curator.

Explore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our curators questions about how the exhibition was set up

28 March                       Meet the educator.

Explore our new temporary exhibition from another perspective. Ask the educator about how they developed the many interactive elements and learning components of the exhibition

APRIL                              Fact or Fiction

Let’s get our facts straight! But who decides what the facts are? Put on your critical hat and question the world around you - even the museum!

4 April                            Fact or Fiction?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Let’s roam through the exhibition and walk along the blurry line between fact and fiction.

11 April                          Propaganda

Propaganda is a tool used throughout history to make people feel a certain way or believe certain ideas. Take a look at some real historical examples of propaganda and compare them to examples of today’s news.

18 April                          Mythology.

Learn more about magnificent stories of gods, mythical creatures and how these stories have influenced many people in power. Boring old stories? Or still relevant today? You decide.

25 April                          Stereotypes & biases.

Delve into the history of stereotypes in Europe and how they can positively or negatively influence the way we think. Do you think we can really exist without bias?

MAY                                Nothing compares to EU

EU don't know EU're bEUtiful (that's what makes EU bEUtiful)!  Discover more about the European Union along with programmes and events that connect European countries.

2 May                             The House of European History - Happy Birthday to us!

It’s our 6th anniversary this month! How did a museum about European History come to be? And what are our main challenges today? Join us and find out.

9 May                             Europe Day.

Today is officially Europe Day! This date marks the historic anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. Come along to learn more about the EU, its symbols and its ‘architects’.

16 May                           Eurovision.

Which catchy Eurovision tune will be stuck in your head for the rest of the year? Join us and learn about the importance of music in European history. Our twelve points go to....

23 May                           Erasmus.

Did you know that approximately 1 million ‘Erasmus babies’ have been born since the programme was launched in 1987? Join the tour and get to know more about the Erasmus project and its interesting history.

30 May                           From prizes to crisis?

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Hague Congress! Jump to 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel peace Prize in recognition of peace, reconciliation and democracy. Would it still be eligible today? Let’s look at the EU throughout history - the prizes they’ve been awarded, the crises they face and how they are dealt with.

JUNE                               Fight for your rights!

We’ve come a long way to achieve the rights we have today. But there is more work to do! This year we celebrate the 75 years of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly. Join us to discover the history of some of our rights, how we came to get them and why they are worth fighting for.

6 June                             LGBTQ+

Let’s celebrate the achievements of the LGBTIQA movement! On this tour we’ll focus on an important part of history in our exhibition and learn more about it. Maybe you have some stories to add?

13 June                           Children’s rights.

In the spirit of the ‘World Day against Child Labour’, we will look at children’s rights throughout European history.

20 June                           Migrant rights.

Today is ‘World Refugee Day’. Discover more about migrants all over the world fleeing from difficult situations and how they are connected to European history.

27 June                           Women’s rights.

European ‘Herstory’. Learn about the big and small stories that paved the way for women’s rights throughout European history.

JULY                                Honey, we’re going on holidays!

The holidays are finally here! Let’s check we have everything packed! The House of European History can help with your checklist.

4 July                               Maps.

Going to a new country or city? You could probably use a map to get around. Let’s look at some maps throughout history in the museum. We can learn a lot more from maps than going from point A to B.

11 July                            Passports and borders.

Anything to declare? Discover the history of hard and soft borders and how they play a role all year long.

18 July                            Transport.

Now we’re ready to go! But how will you get to your destination? Train, plane, car, bike? Explore the history of transportation and maybe it will help you decide.

25 July                            Souvenirs.

Do you still being back gifts to your loved ones? A snow globe or a traditional delicacy? What souvenirs can be found in our collection and what can they tell us?

AUGUST                         A colourful summer

Its summertime! The sun is high in the sky and lightens our environment with bright colours. Let’s investigate these summer colours throughout the museum!

1 August                         Green.

The colour of the palm tree leaves that give you some shade from the sun.  Discover some of the green objects in our collection and wear something green!

8 August                         Yellow.

The colour of the sun, or from the pineapple piece in your summer cocktail. Discover some of the yellow objects in our collection and wear something yellow!

15 August                      NO LUNCH TOUR 

22 August                      Red.

The colour of your skin if you spend too long in the sun. Discover some of the red objects in our collection, and yes, do wear something red!

29 August                      Blue.

The colour of the sea and maybe of your mood, since the holidays are coming to an end. Discover some of the blue objects in our collection and wear something blue!

SEPTEMBER                  Countries that ceased to exist

Countries come and countries go. Let’s have a closer look at countries that could be (partly) situated on the European continent that no longer exist.

5 September                 Austria-Hungary

Let’s travel back in time to learn more about the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the role it played in European history.

12 September               Ottoman Empire

Let’s travel back in time to learn more about the Ottoman Empire and the role it played in European history.

19 September               Yugoslavia

Let’s travel back in time to learn more about Yugoslavia and the role it played in European history.

26 September               USSR

Let’s travel back in time to learn more about the USSR and the role it played in European history.

OCTOBER                       Celebrate the arts

The term museum etymologically comes from house of the Muses, the goddesses of art. Come and celebrate the different types of arts that can be found in our collection. 

3 October                       Visual Arts.

Architecture, ceramics, drawing, filmmaking, painting, photography and sculpting. Join a feast of the eyes with some stunning pieces of our collection.

10 October                    Performing Arts.

Dance your way to the museum and learn more about European examples of dance, music, and theatre in our collection!

17 October                    Culinary Arts.

Let’s discuss your favourite recipes and explore where we can find the ingredients. Today we have a look in our European kitchen and the art of cooking!

24 October                    Literary Arts.

What’s your favourite poem? Do you know it by heart? Come to discover the significance of European literature in our museum. 

31 October                    Applied Arts.

Just because it’s useful, doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Explore some examples of applied arts and discover the fabulous objects in our museum. Design fans first in line!

NOVEMBER                   Europe and our neighbours

Hello neighbours! Let’s have a closer look at the relationships and history we share with our fellow continents. We look at Europe from another perspective and see how the relationships are today.

7 November                  Africa

Let’s go south. What ties do we have today with the continent of Africa and how are we dealing with our shared history?

14 November               Asia

Let’s go east. What ties do we have today with the continent of Asia and how are we dealing with our shared history?

21 November               The Americas

Let’s go west! What ties do we have today with the continents of North- and South America and how are we dealing with our shared history?

28 November               Space

Let’s go up! Did you know one of the moons of Jupiter is also called Europa? We look from our continent up above and discover the interesting history of the exploration of space.

DECEMBER                    Decadent December 

For many Europeans, December means coming together to sit around a table with friends and family. Let’s reflect on moments of abundance and scarcity in European history.

5 December                  Moments of abundance

Roll out the red carpet, pop the Champagne & dish out the caviar! For this lunch tour we are looking at moments of abundance in European history.

12 December                Moments of scarcity

European history is filled with moments of serenity and scarcity. We stand still with the moments of shortage and the objects that tell their story in our museum.  

19 December                Looking back on 2023

What were some of our achievements and defeats in 2023? Time to take stock of the year and dive into the history and background of current events in Europe.

26 December                NO LUNCH TOUR