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Museum Night Fever - Mapping Europe

3 Mar 2018 - 4 Mar 2018 (19:00 - 02:00)
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Special Events
Adults, Young adults, Families, Schools
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Enjoy a memorable evening at the House of European History: together we will be ‘Mapping Europe’. Come and explore this theme with an audio-visual performance, a creative workshop and a thematic trail in the exhibitions. 

The visual artist Joanie Lemercier will offer an artistic interpretation of the theme Mapping Europe through a large-scale live projection on the facade of the museum building. Using light and sound, he will reveal connections, fluxes and intersections through a subtle interplay of lines enhancing the beautiful symmetry of the Eastman building. With this unique piece specially created by Joanie Lemercier for the Museum Night Fever at the House of European History, visitors will enjoy an awe inspiring audiovisual spectacle before embarking on a journey about maps and map-making in European history inside the museum. The show starts every 15 minutes.

Curious about the role of maps and map-making in European history? Want to learn more about what shapes our perceptions of Europe and its borders? Discover our specially-designed thematic trail at the entrance of the museum and go to designated exhibits and showcases to see and hear more about objects, images and documents depicting Europe from different perspectives.

End or start your visit of the House of European history with a creative activity in the beautiful Fables room of the museum : create your own map of Europe made out of cut-out, recombined and augmented graphics picturing the continent in different periods. Come up with unique intricate posters simply using paper, scissors and markers!

FLUX, Joanie Lemercier

audiovisual piece, March 2018 for the House of European History

Joanie Lemercier: concept and creation
Seb Lee-Delisle: laser consultant
Virginie Serneels: light creation
Thomas Vaquié: sound creation
Juliette Bibasse: production