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Tuesday lunch tours at the House of European History

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The House of European History offers an engaging and thought-provoking journey through European history. Dive into it over lunchtime and discover the new permanent and temporary exhibitions. A guide will lead you to some objects that reveal the processes and phenomena that have shaped the continent. Follow the path through six floors and experience European history like never before!

No tour on Tuesday 23 April or Tuesday 24 December.

  • Tuesdays at 12.15
  • 45 minutes
  • Language: English
  • 20 people maximum, no booking required
  • Participation is free


AugustOn the Road AgainWe pack our bags, set out on the roads of Europe, see all the sights, and look back on the memories. Come see where, how and why Europeans have travelled in the past.
6 AugustPacking of the HolidaysWhat do you bring when you go on holiday? We rummage through the exhibition and pack our bags with all the things we just can't do without.
13 AugustAre We There Yet?Planes, trains, automobiles and bicycles! We travel through the history of transportation and freedom of movement (or lack thereof).
20 AugustLet's Go Sightseeing!Exploring, experiencing, and everything fun! Have Europeans always spent their holidays in the ways they do now?
27 AugustRemember that time when...?Which mementos and souvenirs, from travels or otherwise, have Europeans of the past kept and treasured? What's important to your memories?


It's in the 9s

Join us for a journey in time to the years from 1789 to 1989, or be surprised and let nine steps decide the objects we discover in the exhibition.

3 September19x9The last year of a century is the most interesting one! Let’s flip centuries in the museum and discover the transition from one century in another.
10 September19x9Discover different objects in the museum that relate to number 9. It is only about the nines.
17 September19x9Join us for this revolution journey from 1789 to 1989. Discover the different revolutions across the time.
24 September19x9Our dice ‘decides’ what the next stop in the exhibition is. However, with this special dice it will be 9 moves for sure!


Ideas, Concepts and Values

Even though many of our objects may seem like insignificant pieces of clothing, trinkets or other long-forgotten personal belongings, they all tell part of a wider story of grand ideas, concepts and values. On this month's tours we go beyong the objects and discuss the bigger picture.

1 OctoberTimeTake a sweeping journey through the past to dishevel your notion of clocks, calendars and indeed time itself. Departure at 12.15 sharp!
8 OctoberSilenceIn a world of constant noise, we seek out stories about silence in the quiet corners of the exhibition... Shhh!
15 OctoberJusticeWhat is justice to you? And did Europeans of the past share your values or hold vastly different beliefs? Let the proceedings begin.
22 OctoberMemory and OblivionIs oblivion a necessity or is memory our only way forward? Come join us for a discussion of what to do with the past.
29 OctoberViolenceAs a segue to next month's topic, we investigate the role of violence in modern European history and its relation to power and oppression.


Power ↑

The power to produce. The power to heal. Power to the people. Take a break from your daily routine and power up with lunch tours on the varied nature of power.

5 NovemberNatural and Human ResourcesEnergy and labor, from slavery to unemployment. We discuss the development of power and automation and its significance for Europeans and their world.
12 NovemberHungary: 1956In the wake of Stalin's death, the Hungarian people began to build a different kind of socialism, only to see their reforms quashed by brute force. What did this event mean for Hungary and the rest of the Europe?
19 NovemberIt's Garbage!We have a look at all the many things we discard. What is trash, how does it affect our world, and where do we find it in the museum?
26 NovemberA Healthy DoseNot feeling up to par? Doctor's orders: A tour of the history of health care and medicine in Europe, from Eastman to socialized medicine.


Darkness and the Light

European history is full of amazing discoveries, creations and progress, but also terrible catastrophes and horrible crimes. In December we examine both sides of the coin and wrap up the year by taking a look at the past 12 months.

3 DecemberDark TimesOn this lunch tour we examine some of the worst events that Europeans have lived through during the 20th century.
10 DecemberLighter TimesWe celebrate Human Rights Day and the progress made in protecting the rights of women, children, and minorities.
17 DecemberLooking Back on 2019Brexit, European elections and you: Was the past year one of hope or despair?
24 December[office closed] 
31 December[office closed]