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Tuesday lunch tours at the House of European History (ACTIVITY SUSPENDED)

9 Jun 2020 (12:15 - 13:00)
16 Jun 2020 (12:15 - 13:00)
23 Jun 2020 (12:15 - 13:00)
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The House of European History offers an engaging and thought-provoking journey through European history. Dive into it over lunchtime and discover the new permanent and temporary exhibitions. A guide will lead you to some objects that reveal the processes and phenomena that have shaped the continent. Follow the path through six floors and experience European history like never before!

  • Tuesdays at 12.15
  • 45 minutes
  • Language: English
  • 20 people maximum, no booking required
  • Participation is free
JanuaryMonth of ReflectionWe begin the year by reflecting on where Europeans of 100 years ago stood as they entered the new year. Rounding off the month, we pause and reflect on the most momentous event of European history.
7 JanuaryNew Year, New Me!Kick off the year by comparing your own resolutions to how Europeans of the past have tried to reinvent themselves and change their situations.
14 January1920: Aftermath of the Great WarWhat had the war meant for Europeans? And was it really over? We take a look at the shared and divided experiences of the years after 1918.
21 January1920: A New DecadeForget the war! Join us as we revel in the innovative and provocative delights of the roaring '20s. Banana skirts welcome!          
28 JanuaryHolocaust Memorial DayReflect, respond, remember. A lunch tour on a defining moment for Europe as a place and an idea.


Love <3

Spring is around the corner and love is in the museum air! Breathe in your fill on our lunch tours on the tender and tough love abound in European history.

4 FebruaryLove in the Time of Nationhood Do you love your country? We explore the history of non-romantic love of the nation and what it has meant for Europe.
11 FebruaryValentine's DayOur exhibitions are full of stories and tokens of love! Come fall in love with history and take part in our very special love survey.
18 FebruaryDo You Love the EU?Accolades and criticism, the European project has seen its fair share of both. Which historical opinions do you agree with?
25 FebruaryMuseum Lovers of Europe, Unite!Get a look behind the scenes of the House of European History and learn some of the tricks of the museum trade.
MarchAll over the placeThis month we cover a number of diverse topics, from women’s rights to transnational politics.
3 MarchEurope - US relationsAs the primary elections take place in the United States, we reflect on how the relationship between Europe and the United States has developed over the years.
10 MarchWomen’s rightsTo mark International Women’s Day, we take a look at the history of women’s rights in Europe.
17 MarchEuropean integrationWe look at the development of European integration since 1989, and try to explain some of the current political phenomena in Europe.
24 MarchLiterature in EuropeWhat role has literature played in Europe, and what is its cultural significance?
31 MarchLanguages in EuropeEurope has more than 300 languages and the EU has 24 official languages. What does such linguistic diversity mean for Europe?
AprilExams are coming!    In most European countries, national school exams start in May. In April, we prepare for the test by looking at a number of historical education-related topics.
7 AprilWriting classHow have Europeans expressed themselves over the centuries?
14 AprilScience & technologyHow did science and technology help European nations at the end of the 19th century to become superpowers?
21 AprilCooking classWhat is the history of food in Europe? Was there always enough to eat in Europe?
28 AprilExtracurricularHow did Europeans in the past learn in formal or informal settings?
May75 years since the end of World War IIThe Second World War officially ended in May 1945, 75 years ago. This month we look at the war and what it meant from different perspectives.
5 MayFreedom lunchTake a seat in the gallery, have a nice lunch and talk with other visitors about topics of relevance to the past and present, such as freedom or the lack of it.
12 MayThe start and causes of World War II 
19 MayMinorities under attack 
26 MayThe end and aftermath of World War II 
JuneFake!This month kicks off our new temporary exhibition: Fake! Come and explore the topics of fakes and forgeries throughout European history!
2 JuneBetween fake and realWhat different kinds of objects can you spot in the Permanent Exhibition? And do you think they are real or fake?
9 JuneMeet the curatorExplore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our curators questions about how the exhibition was set up!
16 JuneMeet the curatorExplore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our curators questions about how the exhibition was set up!
23 JuneMeet the educatorExplore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our educators questions about what educational activities the museum has on offer!
30 JuneMeet the educatorExplore our new temporary exhibition and take the opportunity to ask one of our educators questions about what educational activities the museum has on offer!
JulyDestination: Unknown Hop in the car and decide which European city we will visit! East or West, long haul or staycation – the choice is yours!
7 Julye.g. BrusselsBrussels, the ‘capital’ of the European Union! But is there more to this ancient city than being the home of the European Parliament?
14 Julye.g. BudapestLocated in the heart of Europe, Budapest has been centre stage to many significant historical events. Come and discover the culture and drama that have shaped this great city.
21 JulyMuseum closednational holiday in Belgium
28 Julye.g. ParisA perennial destination for Europeans through the ages, we fall in love with Paris time and again. The city of love, cafés and revolutions awaits us.
AugustOn the Road Again We pack our bags, set out on the roads of Europe, take in all the sights and look back on fond memories. Come and see where, how and why Europeans have travelled in the past.
4 AugustPacking for the HolidaysWhat do you bring with you when you go on holiday? We rummage through the exhibition and pack our bags with all the things we just can't do without.
11 AugustAre We There Yet?Planes, trains, automobiles and bicycles! We travel through the history of transportation and freedom of movement (or lack thereof).
18 AugustLet’s Go Sightseeing!Exploring, experiencing, and having fun! Have Europeans always spent their holidays in the ways they do now?
25 AugustRemember that time when...?Which mementos and souvenirs have past Europeans kept and treasured? What memories are important to you?
SeptemberIt’s in the 9sJoin us for a journey in time to the years from 1919 to 1989, or enjoy the surprise of letting nine steps decide which objects we discover in the exhibition.
1 September19x9What happened at the start of the Second World War in Poland, on 1 September 1939
8 September19x9Discover different revolutions across time. Join us for this revolutionary journey from 1789 to 1989.
15 September19x9Discover different objects in the museum that relate to the number 9. It is only about the nines!
22 September19x9Our dice ‘decides’ what the next stop in the exhibition is. However, with this special dice you are sure to take 9 steps!
29 September19x9Let’s flip centuries in the museum and discover the transition from one century to another.
OctoberIdeas, Concepts and ValuesEven though many of our objects on display may seem like insignificant pieces of clothing, trinkets or other long-forgotten personal belongings, they all form part of a wider story of grand ideas, concepts and values. On this month's tours we venture beyond these objects to discuss the bigger picture.
6 OctoberSilenceIn a world of constant noise, we seek out stories about silence in the quiet corners of the exhibition ... Shhh!
13 OctoberTimeTake a sweeping journey through the past to reappraise your notion of clocks, calendars and indeed time itself. Departure at 12.15 sharp!
20 OctoberMemory and OblivionIs oblivion a necessity or is memory our only way forward? Come and join us for a discussion of what to do with the past.
27 OctoberViolenceSegueing into next month's topic, we investigate the role of violence in modern European history and how it relates to power and oppression.
NovemberPowerThe power to produce. The power to heal. Power to the people. Take a break from your daily routine and power up with lunch tours on the varied nature of power.
3 NovemberNatural and Human ResourcesEnergy and labour, from slavery to unemployment. We discuss the development of power and automation and its significance for Europeans and their world.
10 NovemberHungary 1956In the wake of Stalin's death, the Hungarian people began to build a different kind of socialism, only to see their reforms quashed by brute force. What did this event mean for Hungary and the rest of Europe?
17 NovemberIt’s Garbage!We have a look at all the many things we discard. What is trash or rubbish, how does it affect our world, and where do we find it in the museum?
24 NovemberA Healthy DoseNot feeling up to par? Doctor's orders: a tour of the history of healthcare and medicine in Europe, from Eastman to socialised medicine.
DecemberDarkness and the Light We are looking back this month on the past year. What kind of year was it? Positive? Negative? Come and discuss with us.
1 DecemberJusticeWhat is justice to you? Did Europeans of the past share your values or hold vastly different beliefs? Let the proceedings begin.
8 DecemberDark TimesOn this lunch tour we examine some of the worst events that Europeans lived through during the 20th century.
15 DecemberLighter TimesWe celebrate Human Rights Day and the progress made in protecting the rights of women, children and minorities.
22 DecemberLooking back on 2020We take a nuanced look at what happened in 2020 from a European perspective. Was it a year of progress? We dive into the history and background of current events in Europe.
29 DecemberMuseum closed