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How do we create the Lunch Tour calendar?

How do we create the Lunch Tour calendar?

2 Feb 2023

Every Tuesday, the House of European History runs a free 45 minute lunch tour with a new theme each week. How do the team think of and create so many tours? Pieterjan from the Learning Team explains the process...Read more

Artist in front of poster

Behind the Poster: “Day of Youth”

9 Nov 2022

On Park Leopold Day, 10 September 2022, the House of European History organised guided tours of the When Walls Talk! temporary exhibition, led by artists from Ukraine, Romania and Slovenia, who were involved in the creation of the artworks. Read the story behind their poster...Read more

Artist in museum in front of Ukraine posters

Behind the Poster: “The Ark”

7 Nov 2022

Today, I want to tell you about something special. It is about the thing people never cherish but still value more than all the treasures of this world combined. This thing is Freedom...Read more