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Europe with Borders?

As part of our 'History in the Making: Documenting Covid' initiative, we are collecting messages of longing and loneliness that have appeared along former borderlines.

A spontaneous action took place March 20, 2020 across the Polish and Czech border. The cities of Cieszyn and Český Těšín, normally connected by bridges over the Olza river, were blocked by border controls. Families, friends and colleagues were suddenly separated.

As a reaction to this, a group of Polish inhabitants made an eight metre long banner with an inscription in Czech: ´Stýská se mi po tobě Čechu´ (‘I miss you, Czech’).

As a response, Czech people on the other side of the border created on the same day a banner with: ´I ja za tobą Polaku´ (‘I miss you too, Pole’).

On the next morning another banner was added in Czech on the Czech side: ´Chybíte nám Poláci!´ (‘We miss you Poles’).

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Image credit: Stefan Manka, Cieszyn, Poland