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Fake For Real – The Podcast Series

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

The above quote from Mark Twain refers to how we as humans often (understandably) believe that our opinions are facts. Extended until 30 January 2022, our temporary exhibition Fake (F)or Real aims to explore how figures throughout history have exploited this flaw for their own benefit, ranging from forged relics to fraudulent scientific findings. However, the act of falsification has also been used time and again to save lives, outwit oppressors and reveal what values a society holds.

We now invite you to listen to our podcast series, which takes you behind the scenes of creating this exhibition. In Episode 1, you’ll learn what items did not make it into Fake (F)or Real, giving you an insight into the curation process. Episode 2 delves into the design of the exhibition space and installations, showing how historical research can be blended with creative concepts. Episode 3 details how the exhibition’s items were transported, and protected, showcasing the importance of collection and conservation, particularly during the challenges posed by COVID-19. Lastly, Episode 4 discusses how events and learning programmes were created from such an exhibition.

Available on Spotify and Soundcloud, this podcast highlights the diverse work of our team members and partners, and offers the chance for any current and future practitioners in the museum sector to learn and be inspired.