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Introduction to In Focus

Taja Vovk van Gaal, Leader of the Academic Project Team introduces  the House of European History's blog...


In March 2017 the House of European History website went live and welcomed its first digital visitors. My hope is that the exhibitions, events and interactive content on this site create a rich and challenging narrative, which bridges academia with the online world.

The launching of the House – both physically in Brussels and online – comes at an important time for Europe. History is present in public discourse more than ever. Rapid changes are reshaping our continent.

With the last witnesses of the tragic events which ended seventy years ago, the link with the past is breaking. The importance of making continuous efforts to prevent conflict and preserve peace is no longer immediately apparent for younger generations.

Our goal is for the House to assist people from all walks of life, from Europe and beyond – to understand recent history in the context of previous centuries, which have shaped ideas and values in sometimes long and painful processes.

We believe that building a future should be created through questioning our actions and finding inspiration to learn from past achievements and mistakes made by our forefathers.

The ‘In Focus’ section represents the beating soul of the House, as it evolves to take on a life of its own. It will host a wealth of new information, from behind-the-scenes interviews, to previews of our latest objects, expert insights, exciting upcoming events and new exhibitions.

Browse, share and engage. Most of all – question and consider how Europe's past is being reflected in the present.