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New safety measures for visitors at the House of European History


Do I need to book in advance?

Individuals can come to the House of European History without a booking. Groups of 10 people or more need to reserve their visit in advance. Please arrive at your designated time slot so that all health and safety measures can be respected.

Is there a limit to the group size?  

No, but just be aware that you can make a reservation to the House of European History per timeslot of 30 minutes.

How can I book a visit to the House of European History?

Individuals can come to the museum without a booking. Groups of 10 people or more need to reserve their visit in advance.

The visit should be booked via this link.

Timeslots are available at 30 minute increments.

When can I book a visit?

Timeslots are available at 30 minute increments during opening hours with the last reservation possible at 16:30.

Should I show my reservation at the entrance when I am visiting with a group of more than 10 visitors?

The leader of a group of more than 10 visitors needs to print out the booking confirmation and bring it with them on the day of the visit, or show it on their mobile device.



How long will a visit take?

A visit to the House of European History lasts approximately 90 minutes.

What are the sanitary measures taken by the entrance?

The House of European History fully respects the national public health requirements during this sanitary crisis.

Are guided tours available?

Yes, guided visits are available again in English, Dutch, German and French for a group of 10 people or more. Approx. duration: 90 mins. Bookings must be made 4 weeks in advance. Please book here

Are guided tours, self-guided tours or workshops available for schools?

Yes, guided tours and workshops are available again for schools. Self-guided tours are available again and need to be booked via this link if you are a group of 10 people or more.

Can visitors still participate in the Lunch Tours on Tuesdays?

Yes, Lunch Tours are available again. These tours are in English only from 12h15 until 13h00 every Tuesday and focus on a certain theme. You do not need to register for this tour, just show up!

What are the sanitation rules for the use of the tablet?

The museum has put in place an alternative audio guide which can be used on your private device, in case you don’t want to use the tablet. The links are on each of the Permanent Exhibition pages on our website.

You will receive your sanitised tablet in the tablet area (1st floor), as usual. After your visit you can hand your tablet back on the 6th floor, where it will be immediately disinfected by our crew. The tablet will be sanitised before and after your visit.

For both the audio guide and the tablet, it is recommended you bring your own earphones.

Is there a specific path I have to follow in the museum?

Yes, in accordance with Belgian legislation, visitors have to follow a specific path throughout the museum. This path is one-way only. The path is indicated by markings on the floor and panels.



Can we make use of all the interactive Audio-Visual equipment that are present in the galleries?

The visitors can still make use of the interactive touchscreens. They will be sanitised by the museum crew on a regular basis.

The rolodex on the third floor cannot be used by the visitors, for safety reasons.

Can visitors visit all floors in the museum?

Yes. The visitors need to follow the assigned mandatory route. This route is indicated on the ground.

Are the Family Discovery Spaces open to visitors?

Yes, all the FDS areas in the entire museum are open again.

Is facilitation in the Family Discovery Spaces still possible?

Yes, facilitation on Wednesdays (from 14:00 to 17:00) and on weekends (from 14:00 to 17:0) is possible again. 



Are any printed informational materials available?

Yes, printed materials are available in the museum. You can also find ample information on our website.

Is the House of European History distributing activity sheets Find, Analyse and Discuss or Learn about the EU?

Yes, activity sheets for self-guided school groups are being distributed again. If a visitor comes with their own printout, they can also use it in the galleries.

Is the House of European History distributing Prof Packs to teachers?

Yes, Prof Packs on the available House of European History learning offers are being distributed again.

How can we access the learning resources?

The learning resources can be accessed on the museum website in the section “Discover”. The online "activities for your classroom" allows teachers to get access to the 5 thematic resources: Conflict, Human Rights, Migration, Communication and Identity. It is available in the 24 official languages of the European Union.



Has Plexiglass been installed at certain high-contact zones?

Yes, Plexiglass has been installed in certain high-contact zones of the museum.

Do I have to wear a facemask?

No, facemasks are not mandatory. Visitors are of course permitted to wear one if they would like to.

I have covid symptoms. Can I still visit the museum?

If you have symptoms, it is recommended to stay at home and postpone your visit.  We will be happy to welcome you back when you are feeling better.

Where can I find more information about current covid measures in Belgium?

For information on current covid measures in Belgium, go to the official page set up by the Belgian government.

Can we make use of the elevators?

Visitors will make use of the central staircase to go up and will use the emergency staircase to descend. The exit will be at the shop. This is in line with the one-way path. The use of the elevators is only allowed for people in the same visitor’s group or household, or if visitors have reduced movement capacity, and museum floor staff. For people who urgently have to use the toilet, an exception can be made.



Do you have wheelchairs available?

Yes, the House of European History has two wheelchairs available.

Can I deposit my personal belongings?  

Visitors can use the cloakroom. Hand sanitiser is available.  



Will Café Europa be open?

Café Europa is currently closed until further notice.

Two vending machines have been added at the ground level before exiting the museum.

A water fountain provides also free of charge still and sparkling water just after the exit door of the museum. Please carry with you your own water bottle for environmental reasons.


Brussels Health Safety Label