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© Anand Chhabra, Wolverhampton.

Anand was one of the 10 artists commissioned by Historic England

Jenny Mclean remembers Nidiya

Boundary Way Allotments are a couple of hundred yards from where I live. I went there yesterday and met a Jamaican man named Tony Mclean and we started a conversation about this project. He told me that his wife Jenny was at a funeral of her best friend Nidiya who had died of COVID-19 at that very time. I spoke with her this morning and she said she would be happy to have a chat at the allotments because she finds a lot of solace being there. She was almost physically sick when she was at her friends funeral remembering the 33 years, she was best friends with Nidiya. Black & Asian people seem to have been hardest hit with the disease in the city of Wolverhampton.