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For all media enquiries please use the form below. By entering and submitting your information in the form below, you agree to the handling of your data as per the information explained in the Legal Notice.

For filming requests:

  • Please contact the museum communications team more than two weeks in advance of your filming date, to go through the necessary process. Please note, filming is only allowed in certain spaces of the museum, for media or education professionals, when it does not clash with other museum activities, and in line with the following rules:
  • Please note that filming and photography can only be performed in a non-obtrusive way, that does not block other visitors, nor records images of their faces.
  • Due to specific copyright and conservation circumstances, wide angle shots are preferred, rather than close-ups on individual objects.
  • Approximately 15 objects in the permanent exhibition cannot be photographed or filmed - these are marked by a “no photo” sticker - a list of these will be provided in advance.
  • A filming permission form related to copyright of objects should be completed in advance of the filming. This is obtainable via the museum communications team.
  • Filming of the entrance security areas is prohibited.
  • Regarding equipment and crews: please do not use flash photography or external lights in certain locations; do not connect to power supplies.
  • It is preferred that only a minimum of equipment is brought in, and additional equipment is not available for borrowing from the museum.
  • Great attention should be made when moving filming equipment, so as not to touch museum furniture, showcases or objects, or mark the floor.
  • Film crews should only consist of essential persons.
  • Filming duration should ideally be within ninety minutes; please specify the exact locations desired in advance.