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Täiskasvanud, Noored, Pered
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Dutch, English, French

The House of European History is taking part in Brussels Museums Nocturnes on Thursday 7th November! Besides staying open until 22.00, we are offering a wealth of activities around fashion in our Restless Youth temporary exhibition. So come to have fun, learn and meet people during an unforgettable evening!

All activities are free of charge, no prior registration needed.

17.00 - 19.00

  • Join an educator in the Restless Youth exhibition learning zones for hands-on activities and feel what it was like to be young in the past.
  • For families with 6-10 year olds - take a backpack and 'time-travel’ through different periods of Europe’s past

18.00 - 21.00

How have European youth of the past 70 years made powerful statements through fashion? Explore this question with experts and guides who will reveal emblematic outfits from European youth subcultures.

“Meet the Expert” tour - FR 19:15 / EN 20:15
by Véronique Pouillard, University of Oslo

“A Short History of Restless Fashion” tour FR 18:00 / EN 18:15 / NL 19:15

FASHION SHOW             
19:00, 20:00, 21:00

 “Restless Fashion of Tomorrow” - a show by young designers which tackles social issues of today through fashion: from ecology, global warming and consumption to planned obsolescence, gender and minorities’ rights.
Pianist and singer Mathilde Fernandez will perform as part of the show.

18:00 – 21:00

Customize and enhance your own garments in a sustainable and slow fashion “Pimp your Style” workshop by Les Cadavres Exquis


Several other museums around park Léopold are open that evening: to help you find your path from one to the other and entertain you along the way, we’ve invited the “Jour de Fête” fanfare and prepared a scavenger hunt with mystery objects to find!


The museum’s restaurant Café Europa will stay open throughout the evening, so come for a drink or bite to eat!