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Näidake 1 - 10 27
Park leopold and lake

Park access issues 8 - 11 Feb.

8 Veebr 2019

On 8 - 11 February, Park Leopold is closed for pedestrians due to high winds. 

However, our museum remains open.

Please note that you can enter Park Leopold through the park gate situated on the crossing next to Rue Belliard, opposite Place Jean Rey.

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Perede avastusruumid on kogu suve lahti!

9 juuli 2018

Perede avastusruumid

Perede avastusruumides on laste ajarännu teejuhtideks printsess Europa ja tema vend Kadmos. Avastuste rada ja ajaränduri pass aitavad lastel Euroopa Ajaloo Majaga loominguliselt tutvust teha. Muuseumi neljal korrusel paiknevad avastusruumid on mõeldud...Lugege lisaks

Interactions big screen in House of European History

International Museum Day - Europe gets hyperconnected!

17 Mai 2018

Over 30,000 museums will participate in the 31st International Museum Day, on the theme of “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics." The objective is to examine the multiple means of communication museums can make and how they can reach far beyond their core audiences.

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