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Become a History Hero!

15 nov 2020 (13:00 - 18:00)
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Dutch, English, French

On the occasion of ‘Family Days’, the House of European History invites you to become a History Hero!

A society in crisis always needs super-heroes to help. History is full of these moments. And today during corona, super-heroes are helping out in many different ways.

Sometimes it all starts with one single act of a super-hero. Their acts serve as a source of inspiration for other people.

However, small gestures and actions are maybe even more important. Especially if more people show these small gestures. These can be combined to make a big impact.

Do you want to become a super-hero too? Come and discover stories from the past. These will give you elements you can choose from, to decide on your super powers and how you want to act to change something for the better.

To jumpstart your super-hero career, we’ve compiled a special resource pack for you, to use at different points in the museum. At each stop you can do super activities with help from a side-kick designer. Together you’ll compile your unique super-hero outfit. If your historical super-hero is ready, make a final power pose, and receive a photo as a memory.

The activities are drop-in and will be held from 13h00 until 18h00; you just need to register your visit to the museum: (last registration: 16h30)