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Park Leopold Day - When Walls Talk! - Tours, talks & workshops

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Adulti , Giovani
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Dutch, English, French

Guided tours in the temporary exhibition "When Walls Talk!"

This exhibition aims to reflect European history through posters from the last 100 years, in a way that raises awareness about the multiplicity of perspectives and interpretations. From the propaganda of the World Wars and the Cold War to the explosion of cultural exchange, tourism and the emergence of multi-voiced social movements after the Second World War, complex layers of European division and unity are revealed through a selection of posters from the collection of the House of European History.

  • 13.00 – Dutch & French
  • 14.00 – English
  • 15.00 – Dutch & French
  • 16.00 – English

Duration: 45 minutes

The stories behind the images

Come and discover the stories of a selection of posters showcased in our temporary exhibition “When Walls Talk!” from four artists behind their creation – Eda Čufer, Iosif Kiraly, Mykhailo Skop and Zukentiy Gorobyov.

Eda Čufer is a dramaturg, curator, writer and professor of contemporary art history and theory. In 1984 she co-founded the art collective NSK based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her research and writing is concerned with the ideologies of contemporary art, especially with the relationship of political and technological systems to art systems.

Iosif Kiraly is a visual artist, architect, and educator. Since 1992 he has delivered courses on contemporary photography at the National University of Arts (UNArte) in Bucharest, Romania. Király has initiated, coordinated, and, together with architects, visual artists, and anthropologists, participated in research projects related to the changes having occurred in post-communist Romania.

Mykhailo Skop was born in 1993 in Lviv, Ukraine, and graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts. Today he is an artist working with Street Art and easel painting. His arts are inspired by ancient cultures, mythology and orthodox iconography. So, his paintings are a study of the semiotics of sacredness, the search for new meanings and the discovery of hidden meanings.

Zukentiy Gorobyov (aka Denys Kuzmenko) was born in 1984 in Luhansk, Ukraine. He is a graphic designer, typographer and illustrator, who is engaged in modern art and muralism. He specialises in graphic identity, catalogues, books, posters, lettering and calligraphy.

  • 14.00 - English
  • 16.00 - English

Creative Workshop: “Walls Talk...and you, what do you have to say?”

14.00 - 17.00, first floor, Fables Room

Posters function as vehicles to inform, but also educate and even manipulate. They reflect the societal struggles for ideas, power, or wealth and they give a powerful voice to citizens on different social, cultural or political issues. In other words, posters can be agents and witnesses of ideological confrontations in European history, reflecting the situations of the moment and providing us with a rich record of European stories.

During this workshop, visitors will learn about European history through unique posters related to human rights, activism, borders and travel in Europe, arts, sports and cultural events. Visitors can also “time travel”, by creating their own posters on a topic they feel is important for the European public sphere.

To participate, please register.