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How did children feel about our opening launch campaign?

Everyone knows that children have a way of being disarmingly honest.

This was the case at the House of European History Open Day, where we gave children a selection of our launch campaign materials, based on the concept “Change your perspective”.

The aim of the campaign was to highlight the House of European History as a place for both reflection on Europe's past, and debate for its future.

One of the materials featured a close-up image of a peaceful baby, without showing the full context. Each child had to draw the rest of the image around the close-up, trying to guess what was surrounding it. They were astonished to discover the original photo: the baby was in a migrant camp, being pushed towards a policeman's plastic shield.

Look at the feedback below, and match them with the picture drawn by each child.


(After being told the baby was in a migrant camp at the Greece-FYROM border)

“If it is hard for the baby, I will add colourful stickers around him to make him happy. – Ben, 3 years old

“The baby has left his home, so I will draw him a new one.” – Ana, 6 years old

“I will draw a party, to make the baby happy again” - Laetitia, 11 years old

“The baby needs a Mother, a Father, and a milk bottle” - Amine, 7 years old