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Hosted event: Rethinking our Welfare State - For a New European Social Contract

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With the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, laws were progressively implemented to protect the labour class.

Two centuries later, it is reasonable to wonder about the future of our Welfare State system.

Will our social rights be preserved in the future? What about our growing elderly population: will they be treated with care and dignity?

And what about the young generation? With the aging population in Europe, who will finance the welfare states? What about innovative forms for providing care for the weakest, such as social enterprise?


Dávid J. Szabó, director for Foreign Affairs at the Szazadveg Foundation

Demos Helsinki, independent think tank specialised on societal problems and challenges

Chiara Saraceno, Italian sociologist and philosopher specialised on Welfare States studies

Moderator: Karl van den Broeck, Belgian journalist and essayist, conference and debate organiser at BOZAR

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