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The House of European History opens its doors to the public on Saturday 6 May!

Visit the museum - and change your perspective on European history!



This new museum, situated in Parc Léopold in the European quarter of Brussels, will offer a new and thought-provoking way of seeing and understanding the history of the continent and the development of European integration.  The main exhibition, available in 24 languages, takes a Europe-wide perspective on history and invites visitors to reflect critically on historical events and experiences, considering their meaning for today and for the future.  The museum aims to become, over time, a place of debate and exchange about history, with a range of events and learning programmes. 

The permanent exhibition, together with the first temporary exhibition on the theme of ‘Interactions - centuries of commerce, combat and creation’, encourages visitors to get involved: as they go through the museum, they are invited to look closely at events and processes in Europe’s history and then to look again and see things from a different angle, in a different light. This invitation to change perspective is a key part of the visit and of the museum’s mission. Seeing history close-up in sharp focus or more broadly on a grander scale gives new definition and impetus to our understanding of history.

The opening on 6 May will feature festivities and attractions from 11am onwards in Parc Léopold and the surroundings, along with visits to the museum itself as well as activities for children, workshops, music and food.

Admission is free