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Teachers' survey - have an idea? Tell us about it!

Five years after the House of European History opened its doors to the public, we want to design fresh, new, exciting learning materials for European teachers and we need your help!

How: We’ve created a survey to get a deeper understanding of your needs and teaching practices.

What is it: A 10 minute survey, available in 23 languages. All answers are confidential and participation is voluntary.

Who can take part: Calling all European primary school teachers, and secondary school teachers of:  History, Civic education, Philosophy, Religion, Languages, Geography, Social Studies and Politics - the more results we get, the richer the insights we’ll see.

When: The survey closes at the end of December, so share with your colleagues and get your answers in!

Why should I do it: With your answers and insights, we’ll create more tailored resources to help you teach your students about European History, European Integration, Citizenship Education and Media Literacy among other topics that help students learn more about today’s world.

Where can I do the survey: Find the survey link below, available in your native language.

Sounds amazing! What else can I do?  Send this survey to your colleagues and share it on your social media platforms so we can get even more feedback on what teachers need and want from our learning materials.

Have an idea? Tell us about it! We are available to discuss this with you anytime.

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark

Finland, France, Germany, Hungary

Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland

Portugal, Republic of Cyprus

Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom


Survey link

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Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link


Survey link

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the project coordinator at laurence.bragard (@)