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The Flamboyant Fake: Frederic Clark - The Fortunes of a Fraud from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

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Dorośli , Młodzież
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“Liars Must Have Good Memories”: Thinking with Forgery, in Renaissance Europe and Beyond

In recent years, examinations of forgery have proliferated across various academic fields and disciplines, so much so that it is now possible to speak of something like “forgery studies” as a coherent enterprise. Studies of this sort have revised some traditional narratives, particularly older triumphalist tales of the emergence of philology, historicism, and “rational criticism” in Renaissance Europe. Since at least the eighteenth century, if not before, Renaissance critics—including Lorenzo Valla and Erasmus—were celebrated for their debunking of forgeries, and their supposed attacks against falsification and dogmatism alike. Yet forgery and falsehood still flourished in the Renaissance, just as they do in our own age. This talk will use the new insights of forgery studies to examine the complexities of criticism itself, and the paradoxes it often entails. When, if ever, are forgeries good to think with? And how ought critics respond to the ubiquity of forgery across historical periods? Finally, what light can Renaissance scholarship shed on our current situation in the early twenty-first century?

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