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Brussels meets Europe

12 Ago 2020 (19:30 - 22:30)
19 Ago 2020 (19:30 - 22:30)
26 Ago 2020 (19:30 - 22:30)
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Adultos , Jovens adultos
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Dutch, English, French

European Quarter Area Management Association

This summer, the Leopold park will be a hotspot for the people of Brussels hosting the first multi-language outdoor film festival! Every Wednesday evening, the park, just in front of the House of European History, will accommodate 90 spectators and will be transformed into a small-scale open-air cinema with films related to the themes of freedom and borders.

"Brussels Meets Europe" offers a convivial film festival as a federating event for the users of the European quarter and the inhabitants of Brussels. The project is conceived as a cinema-experience as if it were at home, on a scale that encourages encounters and cultural exchanges. In the respect of the rules of physical distancing, a playful placement system allows each person to have his personal space, alone or in groups, 1m50 away from the other spectators. Three large-screen television sets simultaneously project the same film, each with subtitles in different European languages. In this way, we wish to promote in a playful and innovative way the cultural potential of the European district where languages are undoubtedly the most "visible" witness of the cultural diversity present in the district.

This urban experience is a project of the non-profit association eQuama (European Quarter Area Management Association), developed in collaboration with the design agency Vraiment Vraiment. For more information on the film screenings, visit

The project was made possible thanks to the support of the Brussels Capital Region, the City of Brussels, the House of European History, Urbicoon and CineCité.


Donne-moi des ailes (FR) - 15 July - EN / NL / IT

Un vent de la liberté (Ballon) (NL) - 22 July - FR / NL / EN

Yuli (ES) - 29 July - FR / EN / AL

L'Olivier (ES)- 5 August - FR / EN / NL

Tout en haut du monde (FR)- 12 August - ES / EN / IT

Surprise - 19 August - FR / NL

L'extraordinaire voyage du fakir (FR/EN) - 26 August - ES / NL / FN

Every Wednesday at 10am, you will find on the Facebook page « Brussels meets Europe » a link to register for free.