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COME♡BACK at House of European History

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Dospelí , Dospelá mládež
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Dutch, English, French

Things are moving at the House of European History! Experience three brand new performances: Passe-Muraille's revisiting of historical events through mime, the poetic jukebox of Khaos, and the powerful celebration of movement by Sysmo. Explore how the physical and historical intertwine!

All activities are upon registration, click here for more information:

« La main qui parle aux oreilles » : History by gesture - 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00

For the COMEBACK event at the House of European History, Passe-Muraille presents a revisited, reworked, gestural and expressive explanation of an historical event and invites visitors to take part.

Passe-Muraille is an association that works for the implementation of the fundamental rights of disabled people, through performances, tales, creative activities, audio description workshops and tactile discoveries. The association organises diverse activities in museums and other locations to raise awareness on disability through art.

Sysmo & Voices - 17.30, 18.30, 19.30, 20.30

Sysmo's performances, based on the extraordinary universal language "Ritmo con Señas", the Signed Rhythm, are unique, warm and moving moments that stimulate our collective dynamic. For COME♡BACK, Sysmo invites five singers, a drummer and three percussionists to perform inspired by the powerful Indian vocal percussion technique Konnakol.

Sysmo is the ultimate blend of rhythm and trance. A raw and powerful performance delivered by an alive drum machine, a percussion orchestra hooked up to one conductor's gestures. He is the DJ. No machines. More than 100 hands signs are his composing tools. Filters, Delays, Breaks, Risers, Effects, Cuts, Loops, Sampling, etc., all performed in realtime by an acoustic ensemble of worldwide drums.

Poetry Jukebox - 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00- various languages

For the COMEBACK event at the House of European History, Khaos.corp will create a 30-minute performance, during which an actress will interpret a repertoire of poetic texts on the theme of revolt, mixing acting, singing and movement work. It is an audio-visual installation: the spectators are free to choose the text that will be interpreted to them, as if they were playing a musical jukebox.

Khaos.corp is an interdisciplinary artistic collective born in Brussels in 2018. It is a network of artists, craftsworkers and technicians who collaborate for the creation of artistic projects.