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Creating the House of European History

31 jan 2018
356 pages

This book is intended for the interested public and presents different phases in the development of the project, describing the challenges and problems, as well as the solutions we found. The House of European History has been open to a public and critical evaluation. The content of this book is contributing yet another view to the diverse current discussions on the House of European History and on the challenges of presenting recent history in museums.

  • English only
  • ISBN 978-98-846-1972-6

Creating the House of European History presents the long road towards the creation of our museum. Forty authors describe in 44 papers this fascinating and complicated development process from very different professional and personal angles. They recount ideas and challenges, ambitions and doubts, obstacles and solutions.

This book was published to mark the first anniversary of opening of the House of European History, alongside the conference “Europe Exposed”. It is divided in five parts as explained below.

  • The first part, Process, reflects the organisational work behind the creation of a new museum under the auspices of the European Parliament.
  • The second part, Building, is dedicated to the history of the building and its renovation.
  • The third part, Content, is the most extensive, and presents the narrative of the exhibition and some of its key objects.
  • The fourth part, Production, highlights all the creative work behind the scenes before the opening of the museum, from the design to the translation of texts in 24 languages.
  • Finally, the fifth part, Outreach, concerns the preparatory work for communication, learning in the museum, and planning for temporary exhibitions.

The full version of the book is available for purchase from the museum shop. Online purchase here.