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Activities for Families: Restless Youth

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Dutch, English, French

One voice workshops

Discover the Restless Youth exhibition with your family and friends! We will organise a series of engaging activities on every Sunday throughout June and July – that's nine Sundays in total!

You will get the chance to design a giant protest banner with other visitors, on a topic you select yourself and using all sorts of different objects. Why not write down your dreams, create your future self, take a polaroid picture in your own style – just make sure to strike a good pose! – or record your own memories or the ones of other visitors. Whatever you decide to do will become part of the banner. After you have created the banner you can march as loudly as possible through the museum! So come prepared with a song or a catchy slogan to make your protest heard. We are excited to see and hear what you believe so strongly in that you are willing to protest for it in our museum!

On Sunday 28 July we will have a big celebration as all the banners that visitors have created over the many weeks will be joined together into one giant, 18 m2 protest for all to see! Come join us for this wonderful activity.

Workshops are suitable for all ages.
Free, open and accessible to all visitors