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The House of European History has a renewed Academic Committee

Academic excellence and museological expertise are key to the quality and the success of the House of European History. The team is therefore delighted to announce renewal of its Academic Committee, which, following recent decisions of the European Parliament's Bureau, has been considerably extended and strengthened by new expertise.

Together with long-standing members, the new members enhance the committee's academic expertise in different historical periods and in museological subject matters, practical museum experience, international reputation, geographical balance, and gender balance.

The new Academic Committee will be chaired by Oliver RATHKOLB, with Basil KERSKI as its new Vice-Chair. New members joining the ranks of the committee are: John Erik FOSSUM, Konstantin IORDACHI, Emmanuelle LOYER, Sharon McDONALD, Daniela PREDA, Dietmar PREISSLER, Kaja SIROK, Luuk Van MIDDELAAR, Daniele WAGNER, and Andreas WIRSCHING.

The full composition of the committee can be found here: