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European Democracy Sites
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The European Democracy Sites distinction

The European Democracy Sites distinction was launched in 2022, at an initiative of the European Parliament. The goal of the distinction is to award and honour sites across the member states of the European Union, which were of relevance for the consolidation of European democracy in the European integration process.

The distinction is of symbolic value and consists of a plaque to be displayed by the winners. The nomination and selection process involves a pool of independent historians. Every year the prize will be awarded to at least one site per member state of the European Union. Awarding a number of distinctions every year will enable the process of building up the European network of democracy sites.

The House of European History envisions to make these sites “living sites” through strong programming and by working closely with the respective communities around the sites, their local educational institutions, youth organisations, and NGOs.

The House of European History, a transnational museum of which the primary mission is to enhance the understanding of the European narrative and learning about European history in all its complexity, is proud to contribute to the launch of this new distinction. The European Democracy Sites distinction complements the House's existing educational programming, which focuses on democracy education and aims to make its audiences active citizens. This active engagement also stands for promoting European values and shared knowledge about European integration between individuals and member states.